Cliffs Road

Cliffs Road  | St. Clair Art Garden

This garden was designed around a new contemporary house build that is the dominant feature of the site, so the new garden needed to merge the house into the coastal landscape without stealing the show. It also more importantly needed to allow the client to show off her outdoor sculpture and art in a contemporary garden setting.

The garden design is simple, with contour like black paths and steel risers flowing through the main lower gardens that are planted in swathes of Herbaceous perennials and textural natives and evergreens well suited to the coastal environment.
Pieces of sculpture dominate the space everywhere you look both visual and sound based so the whole experience is an explosion of the senses.

The house design is bold and the emphasis of black on black allows the planting to add color to the outside gardens, in particular the combinations of colorful flowering perennials mixed with large green foliage and textural grasses with splashes of yellow, silver and Burgundy used as a contrast. Red tussock moves in the coastal winds and from a rocky outcrop of the Otago harbour, a house and garden work together both as an art form and a landscape.

2023 Landscapes of Distinction Awards:
• Bronze for Design
• Silver for Horticulture

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